About Us


What is a Trichologist


Trichology is the branch of dermatology (a para-medical science) that deals with the scientific study of the hair and scalp. Today, trichology is perceived as the “bridge between cosmetology and dermatology.” A trichologist is a certified hair and scalp specialist. Trained in life sciences, we look at hair loss problems in a holistic way by evaluating clients on the basis of personal history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environmental conditions. Based on this information, a trichologist is able to suggest individualized treatments, give nutritional advice and recommend lifestyle changes to improve the health and appearance of the hair and scalp. 


Why Choose us?

 Our luxury Trichology Salon Center offers private suites to help you relaxed and feel comfortable. We offer complementary consultation, so that we can listen to what you want, answer any questions and determine which hair replacement option would be best for your particular type of hair loss needs. We have a Certified Trichologist on staff to  analyze your scalp and hair issues. Like other para-medical (non-physician) such as health specialist and nutritionists, we work closely with your medical physicians to find out whether any medical problems, medications and any other initial diagnosis are associated with your hair or scalp issues. Our hair- loss treatments varies depending on the severity of the clients condition, these treatments will be carried out jointly with the recommendation of your physicians. We spend time advising you on how to best cope with your condition as part of the treatment regimen. Some of our methods include non surgical hair replacement systems, electronic micro-filament cable hair weaving application, for cancer/lupus patients that are undergoing treatments we offer customized medical wigs systems. These systems are handcrafted by our own perriquier (Wig Maker),they are especially design to fit your head size exactly, offering a comfort, natural  flattering illusion of how your hair is suppose to look, with a natural movement and a healthy shine, that will enhance the individual appearance. In fact, these are the most realistic hair systems you can purchase because each one is tailored specially for the wearer with 100% high quality human hair. Don't let us tell come experience it for yourself.   


Our Mission

 Raw Elegance Hair Solutions (Trichology Salon) mission is to offers professional and personal customer service. Our Hair Replacement Options help  clients with severe hair loss issues, such as alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, anagen effluvim, androgentic alopecia, traction alopecia, lupus, cancer, and other severe medical hair-loss issues.We want our clients who experiencing severe hair challenges to know that we care. We  focus on the beauty of our clients' inside, so it can radiate on their  outside. When our clients enter into our establishment, they feel the authentic pleasantry and sincerity of our staff.  We offer several different Non Surgical Hair Replacements Systems, Nutritional and Hair Growth Treatments for your hair-loss issues. We are willingly ready to help find the right plan no matter what your hair needs are. We also take Medical Insurance for severe hair-loss problems. Talk to our medical insurance provider and see if your covered.